MMLOS Identity Package


One of Wilson & Company’s clients needed a logo and identity package that included an easy-to-use InDesign template. For the logo, they wanted to show what “multimodal” meant while putting emphasis on public transit, pedestrians, and bicyclists. They wanted to show the process of moving away from personal vehicles as the main means of transportation.


Wilson & Company, Inc., Engineers & Architects

What I did

I created several logo options and gradually we landed on this circular design. The visual weight of the logo rests on the future of more multimodal options for the community as opposed to just personal vehicles. The circular portion of the design demonstrates inclusion of all modes of transportation.

I also developed an InDesign template with master pages, paragraph and table styling, and call out boxes to make it easy for the client to fill in with the study information.  

Note: Due to a confidentiality agreement with the client, some information has been blurred in this image.

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